Necklace from turquoise PN-21 SUN-NEW MOON



dimensions 1,9cmX1,3cm two aspects

Turquoise curved by hand, tied up with silver wire.

On the Turquoise that I work I do not use any chemical treatment and for this maintains his therapeutic power. It specifically helps in the good health, (in respiratory system), and in the communication (sociability, perception, understanding).

It is gift of friendship, devotion, sincerity, purity and clearness. It improves his colour with the time because is living material.

The point of turquoise is the neck, so wearing it there his medicine power gives the maxim of his force.

Product selected for the collection “HELLINIC HANDCRAFTED CREATIONS”.

A side has the 8 rays sun who is preserving life. It gives to all, without examine colour or conduct, the light, the day, the warmth, the conditions for the continuation of life on Earth. Symbolize the love, expedient without exchange, the generosity, the inspiration, the male.

The other side has the new moon that declare the time ( her phases), her changes, take as a mirror light from the sun and shine. It symbolizes the female, the darkness, the seasons, the night, the time.

Their combination symbolizes the cosmic harmony, the balance and the interrelation of the opposite that composes a entirety (day + night = time).


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