Tepee Eshop

I was born in Athens , and I start woodcarving and sculpture at 1978.

I work with three small chisels and a backsaw by the light of the sun. I prefer always to use living materials from nature such as wood, coconut, seeds, bone, stones, transforming them into statues, faces and jewellery. These materials are living so they change (deeper color, shinier) by the time to better. I am working also on silver 925 for making copies of my works.

Living close the nature; that is the source from which my creativity springs, allowing me to convey to others the messages that i perceive creating another vision.

Faces are born within the wood, like those i discover from the play of light and shadow on the rocks of a gorge, the bearing of a mountain and the sculpture made by the sea and the wind.

Observing the faces, their way of speaking is unveiled, creating messages that are directed to that which exists inside everyone, calling them to reconnect with the pure natural life.

My works is time concentrated inside the material, pieces of power. I hope you find this that is for you or for someone you have in mind.

We are all the same!

Children of the Mother-Earth.

Peace to you!