Bracelet from ebony EB-15 SPIRIT OF THE EACLE-ANGEL


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dimensions 1.6cmX1,2cm     2 sides  4 faces (2 angels)

Bracelet from leather, silver, olive seed and ebony wood carved by hand. The eagle makes 2 different faces. If it goes up make the face of the “spirit of the eagle”. The eagle with his wings makes the eyes and with his tail the nose.

Turning it upside down (the eagle comes down) another face is developed (an angel) visible only from the certain angle.

It symbolizes the pray and the answer. The eagle sends the pray high up and brings the answer from above,(is the angel that look at you continuously, protects you).

There is another face that it has common mouth with the «spirit of the eagle» (they say the same things, they agree), however he looks at things from different angle. It symbolizes the broadness of spirit, the comprehension and search of the superior (looks high up to the eagle).

Turning one more time another face is developed, one more angel, (it has common eyes with the person, it breathes from his third eye).


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