Bracelet from turquoise PB-4 ANGEL



dimensions 1,1cmX1,7cm 2 Aspects 2 persons

Bracelet from turquoise curved by hand, tied up with silver wire on leather and coral.

For the Turquoise that I work I do not use any chemical treatment and for this maintains his therapeutic power. It specifically helps in the good health, (in respiratory system), and in the communication (sociability, perception, understanding).

It is gift of friendship, devotion, sincerity, purity and clearness. It improves his colour with the time because is living material.

Is a smiling face with his third eye open (means that this person has the gift of inspiration).

If you reverse the piece you can see the smiling face of an angel (common eyes with the sun, breathes from the third eye, means that lives from the knowledge).

An invisible face that look continuously (look after) the one that wears the piece. He is the guardian angel that protects the person that wears him.

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  1. Maria

    Very nice work!

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