Necklace from bone BN-11 TURTLE


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dimensions 3,2cmX2,8cm

Bone curved by hand tied up with golden wire for the neck.

Turtle that it covers, (it protects) a person.  The turtle has create the first ground according a myth of Iroqua nation that lived with the matriarchal system (the oldest model of organised life).For sure turtles are from the first species that walked on the Earth. They exist from the time of dinosaurs, they survive till now, evolving themselves.

The turtle that carry her house together, on it carries her smalls. She knows where to go even she do it in a slow mode.

The turtle symbolizes the Mother-Earth, the family, the primitive, the longevity, the creation. Protects a person, because she covers it.  Is the face of history, the past that is recorded on the earth.


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