Necklace from carob wood XN-2 TOTEM



dimensions 5,8cm X1,2cmX1cm     two aspects

Carob wood curved by hand, tied up with silver and rosewood, for the neck. Reddish wood that by the time becomes deep red.

Eight faces, four persons at each aspect.

The “upper face” with the third eye open. It symbolizes the inspiration, the prophecy.

Under his mouth the “faces of present”, the observer, under is a scary face, is “the fear”. With the same nose and mouth a small faces, “the reason”, is the other aspect of fear the objective, the fair fact, that when is deformed frightens us.

Reversing the piece three faces are developed a “long faces”, the “other aspect of present” and the “angel” (invisible faces that breathes from the third eye of the “upper faces” and looks at (looks after, protects), the person that wears the piece.

It is piece with power.


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