dimensions 2,1cmX1,4cm carved all around, 
4 faces

Bead from olive wood tied up on leather with seeds of olive. This piece is inspired by the “travel in the Xland” of Carlos Castaneda

The middle face is the face of the warrior with his third eye that look like a shining (bright) sun.

If you reverse the piece you can see two faces. The face of the angel (has common eyes with the warrior his nose is his third eye and the radiation of sun, his mouth). He is an invisible face that looks continuously (looks after) the person that wears the piece.

The second face has common mouth with the warrior looks up and means the other side of life. He is the other self of the warrior that sees from other side the things, extends the optic and the understanding of the warrior.

Turning to the right you can see a face that has an eagle-head on his head; this is the teacher of the warrior. It speaks at the right side of the warrior (the side of the willing, of should, of must) and represent the power, the superior will, the God. His eye is the mouth of the eagle (means that he-the teacher- sees what the eagle says). He is connected with the eagle (he is on his head).

Turning the piece to the left you see a smiling face of a Sioux (Native American), this is the hidden teacher of warrior. He speaks to the left side of the warrior (the side of heart, of the sentiment, the impulse, the wish). It passes indirectly his courses in the warrior through jokes, teases, imitations and shock experiences, he has became his friend, that’s why approaches him differently.


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