Necklace from olivewood ON-15 PRAYER



  1. dimensions 2,1X1,8cm (diameter)  A statue.

Bead from olive wood tied up with leather for the neck or the hair.

The legs of the person shape the symbol of infinity and his hands the symbol of zero (it simultaneously symbolizes the vastness in the possibilities of the person and his insignificance, beside universe, beside God).

The power of the pray is enormous and acts, from the moment that somebody start to pray.

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  1. Chris Heczko

    I have owned a piece like this for several years that I reviewed at the time. Simply, like all of Ioanni’s pieces, it is a work of art made by a master craftsman whose skill, passion and love for his work is clearly evident within each of his carefully symbolised pieces. The use of natural materials means that in time it absorbs the owners natural oils and energy increasing its spiritual power. A unique piece that I will treasure, forever.

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