necklace from turquoise PN-88 OWL THE WISDOM BIRD



dimensions       2,1cmX1,4cm.

2 aspects

Made from turquoise, natural stone, tied up with silver wire. The feather is from silver.

The owl, that see very well at night, can turn her head 360 degrees seeing everything on all the directions, that’s why knows all. Is the bird of wisdom, symbol of Athena, goddess of knowledge and wisdom. Flying in silence, without any sound, nothing is hidden from her, that’s why is a very powerful protector.

The other side has a new moon that breeds a heart (bring love). New moon symbolise the new beginning, the woman, the time, the night……..





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  1. danielle

    Dear Ioannis, I visited your shop recently whilst on holiday in Santorini and I bought a couple of pieces of your beautiful jewellery, I loved them so much that when I arrived home I ordered an owl turquoise necklace and some other pieces too. I love all of them very much, I received them well and within a week, thank you for all your kind help with choosing each piece. Your work is beautiful and full of heart and I love wearing my owl necklace thank you – good power to you!

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