Olive bracelet OB-28 SUN+SPIRIT OF THE EAGLE



dimensions 1,6cmX1,2cm (diameter) 
2 aspects

Bead from olivewood tied up on leather with silver and timber of beech, is turning, has two aspects.

The one side have the 8 rays sun, he preserving life. It gives to all, without examine colour or conduct, the light, the day, the warmth, the conditions for the continuation of life on Earth.

Symbolize the love, expedient without exchange, the generosity, the inspiration, the male.

The other side has an eagle, symbol of freedom and spirituality, he connects the ground with the sky. He develop with his wings the eyes, and with his tail, the nose of the smiling face «spirit of eagle».

Both sides are united with the sign of water. Water symbolize the progress, development, fertility).


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