silver necklace SN-1908 sun-angel


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diameter 2,8cm  weight 8,3gr

Silver 925 for the neck. Product selected for the collection “HELLINIC HANDCRAFTED CREATIONS”.

The smiling sun is preserving life. It gives to all, without examine colour or the conduct, the light, the day, the warmth, the conditions for the continuation of life above the Earth.

Symbolizes the love, the offer without reward, generosity, masculine, light, warmth, day, life, enlightenment. His third eye is open (intuition), from there it breathes the angel (nose). Means that the angel lives from the knowledge

If you reverse the piece, you can see the angel (common eyes with the sun, his nose is the third eye). An invisible face that looks all the time (take care) the person that wears him .


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