Necklace from olivewood ON-41 THE SPIRIT OF EAGLE + ANGEL


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dimensions 3,2cm diameter    
2 aspects 4 faces

Sandal-wood (wood that from the warmth of the body, give off a sweet smell) tied up with silver for the neck.

The one aspect is the spirit of eagle. His face is made by an eagle that goes up (his eyes they are the wings of eagle, his nose the tail).

Under his wings exist two other eyes that create another face (the protected from the eagle) with the same nose and mouth with the spirit of eagle. They have common mouth because the protected speaks for the spirit of eagle.

Turning the piece up side down you can see the second aspect. Has a face that look continuously (look after- protects) the person that wears the piece, for that reason I call it angel. There is one more face with the eyes of the protected one (resembles with sun).

The eagle symbolizes the freedom, the superiority, connects the ground (material) with the sky (spiritual). It is intermediary, essential in order to communicate so much opposite things.


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