Necklace from turquoise PN-9 PAST-PRESENT-FUTURE

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dimensions 3,5cmX2,3cm        two aspects

Turquoise curved by hand, tied up with silver wire.

On the Turquoise that I work I do not use any chemical treatment and for this maintains his therapeutic power.

It specifically helps in the good health, (in respiratory system), and in the communication (sociability, perception, understanding).

It is gift of friendship, devotion, sincerity, purity and clearness. It improves his colour with the time because is living material.

The point of turquoise is the neck, so wearing it there his medicine power gives the maxim of his force.

A side has two faces that are covered (protected) by the eagle. Is the face of the past and the face or the future that protects with his power.

The other aspect has Africa with face that lays on the time (the three faces person). The “past” is the profile that looks at left when you wear it (sentiment, the side of the heart).

The “present” is the full face person, he has the an eye from the “past”, an eye from the”future”.

The “future” is the profile that looks to the right when you wear it, the side of power.

1 review for Necklace from turquoise PN-9 PAST-PRESENT-FUTURE

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    very strong protection for lifetime

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