Necklace from turquois PN-15032 HE SEE WHAT THE EAGLE SAYS+VULTURE



Turquoise curved by hand , natural stone. Enhances Health and communication.

Dimensions 1,7 cm x 1,2 cm

The eye of the face is the beak of the eagle. His mouth is the legs of dancer at the other side (i.e. Dancing (acting) like he telling him. His dance, is his voice).
The face on the other side is covered (protected) from a vulture (the cleaner of nature). The eye of this face, is the head of the dancer, who understands (with the head) and realize with his dancing, those who understands… The dance is the way of speaking.
Expresses the perception, understanding of the optic of the eagle.

On the Turquoise that I work I do not use any chemical treatment and for this maintains his therapeutic power. It specifically helps in the good health, (in respiratory system), and in the communication (sociability, perception, understanding).

It is gift of friendship, devotion, sincerity, purity and clearness. It improves his colour with the time because is living material.

The point of turquoise is the neck, so wearing it there his medicine power gives the maxim of his force.


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