Necklace from turquoise PN-1 PROTECTED FROM THE EAGLE



dimensions 1,2cmX1,7cm

Turquoise curved by hand, tied up with silver wire and coral on leather.

For the Turquoise that I work I do not use any chemical treatment and for this maintains his therapeutic power. It specifically helps in the good health, (in respiratory system), and in the communication (sociability, perception, understanding). It is gift of friendship, devotion, sincerity, purity and clearness. It improves his colour with the time because is living material.

A face covered from the head of an eagle. The right eye of person is the down beak of the eagle (his mouth). The right side is the side of power so the face sees with his power, what the eagle says.

The eagle symbolizes the freedom, the superiority; connect the ground (material) with the sky (spiritual). Is the intermediary, essential in order to communicate so much opposite things.


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